To protect your vehicle as much as possible and keep it looking great for years to come we offer a wide range of surface coating products. Unlike waxes coatings form a membrane over the surface they are applied to which will protect your vehicle for years not months. Coated vehicles are shiny and superhydrophobic, easy to wash and dry, give that just detailed look wash after wash and never have to be polished or waxed for the life of the coating.

unc r


UNC-R is the world’s first Nano Coating that turns into a Rubber Membrane when cured in room temperature. This flexible nature enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build-up* and does not suffer from water staining as ceramic coatings do.

Incredibly glossy, super smooth and easy to clean surface is what UNC-R is all about! Same as our Ceramic Coating Range, UNC-R is a permanent coating and can only be removed with with heavy abrasives once fully cured. UNC-R has extremely high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap, etc.), high UV filtering properties and small scratch, microchip and buffer line filling capabilities.

* Good car care guidelines have to be followed to reduce swirl mark build-up. Daily driver living outside should be washed at least once per month, ideally every 2 weeks to ensure coating performance.

Durability: Up to 5 years

Price: From £495



Ultimate Nano Coat V1 is a permanent nano glass coating and will bond to most surfaces of the vehicle. Paintwork, plastic trim, rubber, metal, vinyl, Perspex glass, wheels, exhausts, chrome, etc., can all be protected with a simple application of Ultimate Nano Coat v1.

Adds deep gloss to the paintwork and restores plastic trim to the original colour without making it shiny. All protected surfaces are water, oil and dirt repellent and sealed.

Thanks to the state of the art human engineering, UNC v1 is super durable and has high resistance to chemical attacks (truck wash, bird poo, acid rain, wheel cleaner, salt on roads, bugs, etc.), it also does not get damaged by sun's UV and IR rays and has strong UV filters built-in. The coating will perform equally well in acidic or alkali conditions.

Durability: Up to 1 year

Price: From £295



Ultimate Nano Coat v2 is our most durable Nano Glass Coating with outstanding resistance to chemical attacks - salt, acid rain, heavy detergents like TFR, wheel cleaner, bird poo, tree sap, etc., will not harm the protected surfaces* All surfaces protected with Ultimate Nano Coat v2 are sealed and dirt/oil/water repellent.

To the paintwork, UNCv2 adds ultra-deep gloss with a mirror-like reflections, protects it from chemical attacks, improves scratch resistance and is so super-hydrophobic, our customers say it's difficult to get the paint wet!

Restores plastic trim to the original colour and adds a lovely satin look to the plastics.

Thanks to the state of the art human engineering, UNC v2 is not damaged by sun's UV and IR rays and has very strong UV filters built-in. The coating will perform equally well in acidic or alkali conditions.

Durability: Upto 3 years

Price: From £395



Ultimate Nano Coat v3 is a permanent nano glass coating for bare metal. Works on any type of metal, ferrous or non-ferrous. A single layer of this product stops bare aluminium from oxidising.

UNC v3 can be applied in multiple layers for increased durability.

Heat resistance of up to +1200c ensures this product can be applied on engines and exhausts or any other bare metal parts.

Protected surfaces are rust-free, heat resistant and super easy to clean!



Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat Pro has extreme durability - proven to last for up to 30 000 miles on a car windscreen, or up to 3 years of driving.

Extreme durability and functionality in all weather conditions. Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat Pro dramatically improves visibility and improves safety when driving in poor weather conditions, especially at night time. When driving above 50MPH, you hardly ever need to use wiper blades - raindrops form into nice little water beads and the airflow pushes them off the glass.

Furthermore, ice, dirt and insects do not stick to the glass and cleaning the windows is very easy - all you need is water and a cloth, no need to use expensive cleaning detergents.

Durability: Up to 3 years

Price: windscreen only (3 layers) £30 Full glass protection £75



Ultimate Fabric Coat is a permanent fabric and textile coating. Works on any fibrous surface - synthetics, cotton, nylon, silk, etc. and has incredible resistance to wear. Protected surfaces are dirt, water, oil, etc. repellent and super easy to clean.

Even red wine on white carpet is no longer a real problem if protected with Ultimate Fabric Coat.

Does not change the look or feel of the fabric and does not form a film above the surface - ensuring protected surfaces can "breathe" as before and feel the same.

Can be applied on stretchable textiles as well.

Perfect for car fabric seats, carpets, floor mats and super effective as convertible soft top weatherproofing. 

Price: From £60



Solvent-based nano-coating for leather seats and leather upholstery, shiny finish. Protected surfaces are hydrophobic, easier to clean and abrasion-resistant.

Price: From £80

silk coat


Silk Coat adds incredible smooth feel to the surface, improves hydrophobic properties and adds an extra depth and shine to the finish.

Very effective as a standalone Quick Detailer product, but on top of Max Protects UNC v1, UNC v2 and UNC-R it does magic!

Silk Coat can be used on any surface, including glass, plastic, metal, etc.

Durability: 2 Months

Price: Coating Recharge £90 



Max Protect - Ultimate Tyre Gel is a semi-permanent and very durable tyre dressing with natural look finish.

Once cured the protected areas are dirt, oil and water repellent. It doesn't attract dust as widely used silicone tyre shine's and will not fly directly on the bodywork!.


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