Ceramic coating 1 year later
26 Sep

Ceramic coating 1 year later

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If you have had a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle and the water behavior isn't what it used to be when it was first installed then it's probably time for a coating maintenance detail.   As we always say to our customers who have had coatings installed by us, coatings need decontaminating approximately every 6-12 months to keep them in peak performance.   Your coating hasn't failed it most likely just needs decontaminating!   Watch the video to see how we bring back the hydrophobic properties of a coating by removing contaminates not adding any products. 
What is a wheels off detail?
22 Apr

What is a wheels off detail?

You may have heard the term wheels off detail but what exactly is it and what does it involve? A wheels off detail is a bolt-on service which involves removing all four of the vehicle's wheels to fully clean and protect them. Removing the wheels to protect them means every inch of the wheel can be cleaned then protected with two layers of coatings from the face of the wheel, the back of the spokes and even the inner rim.   Going to this extreme puts a protective barrier between your expensive wheels and hot corrosive brake dust as well as other contaminants like tar and general road grime. As well as providing a protective barrier having your wheels coated will also make wheels very easy to maintain with hardly any or no chemical assistance at all as long as regular maintenance is carried out.  When a wheels off detail…
Mazda 2 enhancement detail
10 Mar

Mazda 2 enhancement detail

In this video, we talk you through what goes into our single-stage gloss/enhancement detail!  
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