To protect your vehicle as much as possible, make maintenance easy, and keep it looking great for years to come we offer a wide range of surface coating products. Unlike waxes coatings form a membrane over the surface they are applied to which will protect your vehicle for years not months.

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Benefits of paint and trim coatings:

  • Makes your vehicle easy to wash and dry
  • Makes your vehicle super shiny and superhydrophobic (water repellant)
  • No need to polish or wax your vehicle for the life of the coating
  • Having that just detailed look wash after wash
  • Having a vehicle that stays cleaner for longer
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Protection from chemical staining
  • Years of protection not weeks

Durability: Up to 3 - 5 years

Price: From £540

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Benefits of wheel coatings:

  • Make wheels super easy to clean
  • Protect your expensive alloys from corrosive brake dust
  • Protect your expensive alloys from dirt, grime, and road salt
  • Make your wheels shiny and superhydrophobic

Durability: Up to 2 years

Price: £240

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Benefits of glass coatings:

  • Having glass that stays cleaner for longer
  • Having glass that is easy to clean
  • Having glass that is superhydrophobic (water repellant)
  • Helps visibility in poor driving conditions

Durability: Up to 36,000 miles

Price: Windscreen only £40 full glass coatings from £80



Benefits of leather coating:

  • Makes your leather abrasion resistant
  • Makes your leather easier to clean
  • Protects your leather against stains and spills
  • Makes your leather hydrophobic (liquid repellant)
  • Protects your leather against jean dye 

Price: From £80

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