Swirl Removal / Paint Correction

This detail is very similar to our enhancement detail but is a more intensive process aimed at vehicles that are heavily swirled and scratched. Involving a 2 or 3 stage heavy machine polish to remove as many defects, swirls marks and scratches as is safe to do so. After the polishing stage a protection of your choice is then added from either a wax sealant or a coating. Full details to be discussed with one of our technicians upon enquiry.

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  • Safe wash of vehicle using snowfoam, two buckets etc
  • Chemical decontamination to remove any contaminates i.e tar, fallout
  • Mechanical decontamination if necessary to remove any additional contamination
  • Vehicle rinsed then dried using a super soft drying towel
  • Any additional trapped water removed using compressed air
  • Paint measurments taken
  • Trims and delicate areas taped
  • Paint defects removed via compounding using DA polishers
  • Second stage machine polish to add gloss and refine paint
  • Vehicle wiped down to remove any polishing oils and remaining residue
  • Protection applied to paint and trims
  • Wheel faces protected with wheel wax
  • Interior/exterior glass cleaned
  • All chrome polished and protected
  • Tyres dressed
  • Final inspection of vehicle


  • Max protect V2/UNCR applied to paint and all exterior trim
  • Wheels protected with Max Protects V1 and V2 (on or of vehicle)
  • All glass treated to Max protects UGC

Time taken

2-3 days


With Wax/Sealant protection From £500
Extra layers of wax protection £20 per layer

Protected with Max Protects V2 From £650
All paint and trims protected giving up to 3 years worth of protection

Protected with Max Protects UNCR From £750
All paint and trims protected giving up to 5 years worth of protection

Wheel Protection on car £40
Wheels removed and protected front to back £160

Windscreen coating £30
Full Glass coating £75

Finance available on this service found out more here.

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