Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

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A long-lasting client of ours Land Rover Discovery Sport booked in for our protection detail! 


Maintained by us on a monthly basis this vehicle is in great condition and is booked in for a protection detail approximately once a year.


This detail consists of:

  • Safe wash of vehicle using snow foam, Two buckets, wash mitts

  • Chemical decontamination to remove any bonded contaminates i.e tar, fallout

  • Mechanical decontamination if necessary to remove any additional contamination

  • Vehicle rinsed

  • Vehicle dried using a super soft drying towel

  • Any additional trapped water removed warm filtered air

  • Door shuts cleaned and dried

  • Vehicle polished with pre-wax cleanser to prepare the paint for protection

  • Protection applied to paint and trims

  • Wheel faces protected with wheel wax

  • Single-layer of Max Protects UGC applied to the windscreen

  • Interior/exterior glass cleaned

  • All chrome/exhausts polished and protected

  • Tyres dressed

  • Final inspection of the vehicle

  • Address: Unit 6
    Churchill Business Park
    Sleaford Road
    Bracebridge Heath
    Lincoln LN4 2FF
  • Phone: 07914 029 123 - Mobile
    01522 787359 - Main