Maxda MX5

Maxda MX5


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The owner of this Japanese sports car contacted us as they wanted the red paint to look as flawless as possible. After a consultation they decided on our two-stage paint correction, Max Protects UNCR to keep the car looking great for years to come, full glass treatment, wheels off service, brake heat shield painting, leather coating, stone chip touch up and headlight restoration.


  • wheels removed and cleaned thoroughly

  • wheel arches cleaned

  • safe wash and decontamination of vehicle

  • vehicle safely dried

  • excess water removed from cracks and crevices using warm filtered air

  • brake heat shields painted

  • wheels coated with throughout with one layer of Max Protects V1 and one layer of Max Protects V2

  • paint measurements were taken

  • delicate areas masked up

  • paint machine polished with a cutting compound to remove swirls and scratches

  • second stage machine polish paint to refine the finish and add further gloss

  • headlights restored

  • vehicle wiped down to remove oils and any polishing residue

  • stone chips touched up

  • paint and trims coated in Max Protect UNCR

  • all glass coated with Max Protects UGC

  • wheels refitted to the vehicle and torqued to factory specs

  • leather cleaned and coated with Max Protects ULC

  • glass cleaned inside and out

  • doors shuts cleaned

  • Max Protects silk coat applied to all coated surfaces to protect coatings during the curing stage

  • final inspection of the vehicle

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