New Car Prep & Protect


This detail is designed to give your new vehicle the very best start in life by protecting every exterior surface of your vehicle including paint, plastics, chrome, window rubbers, exhausts, wheels and glass. After fully preparing your vehicle, protection of your choice is then applied...

Starting from: £550



Our Enhancement detail is our entry level machine polishing service and is designed mainly to add some really nice gloss to your vehicle paintwork without looking to remove paint defects like swirls and scratches although light defects will be removed...

Starting from: £400



Our minor paint correction is designed to remove light to medium paint defects like light swirls, minor scratches, and bug etching. After fully preparing the vehicle the paint is treated to a multi-stage machine polish to remove light to medium paint defects. As much as 90% of defects... 

Starting from: £560

Paint Correction


Our major paint correction is designed to remove medium to heavy paint defects like major swirling, heavier scratches, and bug etching. etc After fully prepping the vehicle the paint is treated to a multi-stage machine polish to remove as many paint defects as is safe to do so. As much as 90%...

Starting from: £720

Engine Bay Detail


This detail is designed to clean and protect all engine bay components including under the bonnet. After a very thorough clean and dry of all components, a dressing/ conditioner is applied to help keep plastics and rubbers in good condition and help repel dirt and dust.....

Starting from: £70

Maintenance Detail


This service is usually taken after one of our more involved services where we have a knowledge of the car and customer use. This service is designed to maintain the look of the vehicle usually after a protection, enhancement or full paint correction detail has been carried out...

Starting from: £30



At Proteq Detailing we also offer additional services, which can be added to you vehicle treatment package or taken separately


We offer a headlight restoration service for those vehicles that suffer from hazed dull and yellowing headlights. Not only will this service restore the look of your vehicle it will also enhance the amount of light coming from the lamp and improve nighttime driving, making it safer for you the driver but also other road users. We use a stepped process of wet and dry sanding to the damaged oxidised areas which causes the yellow hazed look and complete with a thorough machine polish and apply a new protective coating we guarantee for at least 3 years.

£45 pair


This service is aimed at vehicles that can tend to hold lingering smells, this process can involve a simple odour neutralising treatment or a more involved set of processes including steam cleaning to remove the odour causing bacteria/fungi followed by an odour neutralising treatment, which in some cases can be an overnight process. Full details to be discussed with one of our technicians upon enquiry, who will help discuss what best suites your needs.

From £80

caliper resize

If your calipers and hubs are looking old and tired we can repaint them for you in any colour you choose. Should you wish we can also add stickiners to the front caliper for an additional fee.

From £260


We have added this service as an upgrade due to the time taken to do this process and not all customers require such an in-depth service. This service is most commonly taken with one of our more involved services. For this process we take the wheels completely off your vehicle perform a thorough clean and decontaminate your wheel arches and calipers, a thorough clean and decontaminate of your alloys. We machine polish your alloys and apply a wax sealant or coating and refit them back to your vehicle at the correct torque setting.

£160 per set


For this service, we fully deep clean the material of your soft top to remove all algae, moss, and the general built up of dirt. After we are completely satisfied that your soft top is as clean as it possibly can be and dried off we apply a specialist material protection to maintain the look and repel water.

From £80

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