Engine Bay Detail

This detail is designed to clean and protect all engine bay components including under the bonnet. After a thorough clean and dry of all components, a dressing/ conditioner is applied to help keep plastics and rubbers in good condition and help repel dirt and dust.

Please note this detail may only be taken with an exterior service but not on its own.

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  • Delicate components identified and covered/protected
  • All engine bay (including underneath bonnet) rinsed
  • APC applied to engine and engine bay
  • APC worked with various brushes to dislodge dirt
  • Engine and engine bay rinsed
  • Engine started and blown dry using compressed air
  • Microfibres used to mop up excess water and dry engine bay
  • The underside of bonnet hand polished
  • Dressing applied to plastic components
  • Final wipe round and inspection

Time Taken

2-2.5 hours


From £70

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