Maintenance Detail

This detail is designed for vehicles that have previously had detailing work carried out by ourselves and so we aware of the car and condition and customer use. This detail is designed to maintain the look of the vehicle usually after a protection, enhancement or full paint correction detail has been carried out. Once the vehicle condition is at a high standard it is an easier task to maintain the look, we wash thoroughly using tried and tested safe wash methods and touch up hot spot areas that need the attention more regularly. A maintenance interior detail can also be applied to this service but similarly to the exterior work we like to know the history of the vehicle before a regular interior maintenance is taken. Full details to be discussed with one of our technicians upon enquiry, who will help discuss what best suits your needs.

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  • Wheels cleaned front to back using various brushes and chemicals
  • Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned and rinsed
  • Vehicle rinsed, snow foam applied and left to dwell then rinsed again
  • Contact wash using 2 bucket wash method, grit guards and super-soft wash mitts
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Rinse aid applied where necessary
  • Vehicle dried using super soft drying towels
  • Wheels and door shuts dried 
  • Tyre dressing applied to tyres
  • Final inspection


  • Vehicle vacuumed and dusted
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned

Time Taken

1-2 hours

From £30

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